Tia Testimonial for Vacupractor

Satisfied Vacupractor User As a Nurse, I am one of those job related back pain patients. When I haveback pain, and I can’t move, walk or even sit in a chair comfortably- how can I possibly go to work or drive? I’ve lost time off from work utilizing my sick days because of it. Or forced to go to work and suffered horribly all day, not giving my 100% to my job, and only to end up on the couch with heating pads or paying out of pocket for a doctor or chiropractor visit !

I “LOVE” how it works and I “LOVE” that I didn’t need to take any OTC or RX Pain meds !! And in about 10 minutes I was pain free again! Thank you to the great folks over at VacuPractor for creating something we can all afford to use at home, to be pain free!

A nurse- and a happy User! – Tia