Penny Brubaker

Penny Brubaker Testimonial for Vacupractor

Hi my name is Penny. I enjoy kayaking, interval training and weight lifting. When I started to experience lower back pain my exercise routine was compromised, social activities became limited – even light housework would set my back on fire.

I stand behind this product 100%. A friend recently purchased a VacuPractor for me as a gift. During my first use of the VacuPractor I was amazed at the instant relief I experienced. Although I felt better immediately, my initial skepticism had me asking myself whether my back pain was truly subsiding or whether my mind was somehow playing tricks on me. After continued use of the VacuPractor, I have since traded skepticism for enthusiasm. I use my VacuPractor a minimum of twice a day and my pain level has gone from an 8 to a 2 in less than 3 weeks! My friend who bought me this gift does not suffer from back pain. However, he uses the device to promote recovery after challenging workouts and relaxation after stressful days at the office.

I believe this simple device can help people across the spectrum – whether it’s relieving the chronic lower-back pain plaguing millions of everyday people or improving the stamina and recovery of Olympic athletes.

Penny Brubaker