John Testimonial for VacuPractor


You won’t believe… or maybe you will, the result my wife go from the VacuPractor. She had back pain, in the lower region of her back, for about a year. She had done massage and acupuncture and was at the point to where she would mention it nearly daily. It was getting increasingly worse and she was concerned to say the least.

Well, then I wrote you, after meeting you at a founder event for startups, knowing that you might have the ultimate product fix. We used the VacuPractor with her and she complaining that it didn’t fit immediately to her back, but she tried it again and after 1 use her back pain was gone. About 2 months later it returned, but she used the VacuPractor again and it has been alleviated ever since.

That was nearly 2 months ago. There was a week that went by that she didn’t complain that the pain was there. She is now 100% pain free since Christmas 2015 with one use in that time frame. You truly have a miracle product here. Thank God for what he inspired you to invent. It has changed our lives.