Jean Knepley

Jean Knepley Testimonial for Vacupractor

“I never have back pain, but I twisted or lifted wrong the other day, and I decided to try the VacuPractor on a recommendation from a friend. It worked! Shortly after I used it, I felt better already. I had some slight pain in my lower back the next morning, so I used the VacuPractor again. In two days, my lower back pain was gone. … Before, it would have taken me a week of sore muscles and pain to recover from a a physically-demanding chore that I did. But with the VacuPractor, my pain is gone in a quick session of using it. …Three times this month that the VacuPractor has saved me from lower back pain. I, for one, will definitely keep my hands on the VacuPractor to use whenever I overstretch or overdo it on any activities. I am a believer and want to spread the word to all my friends and family.”

Jean Knepley

VacuPractor back pain relief device as seen on MSNBC

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