J. Miller

J. Miller Testimonial for Vacupractor

I have lower back pain and sciatica that occasionally is quite uncomfortable. After receiving my Vacupractor, it took a little experimentation to achieve the maximum benefit. I fill the tub with a little hot water and soak the Vacupractor in it to get it warm before I use it, then sprinkle warm water on it to achieve the vacuum required.

Usually my back pain is worst in the afternoon. Several times a week I use the Vacupractor for 20 minutes and it really works. When I am laying on the Vacupractor, I get so comfortable that I often fall asleep. It’s a relief to know that if I start to hurt, I can lay on the Vacupractor and get immediate pain relief.

Yes, it takes a little effort to get it ready to use, but the results are worth it!

J. Miller
Omak, Washington