Bob Krutsch

Bob Krutsch Testimonial for Vacupractor

Two years ago, I had lower back problems, due to running many miles and not exercising my back muscles. I spent seven weeks at physical therapy and it did help reduce the discomfort but it did not alleviate it altogether. Once I was released from physical therapy, I was instructed to continue to do the suggested exercises to keep the back strong, but it was not a cure for my lower back problem. Last October, a friend of mine let me borrow the VacuPractor, which I used two to three days a week. In order to determine if the Vacupractor was working, I stopped performing the exercises I was doing three days a week. I have not used the Vacupractor since December and have not had any problems at all. The discomfort I had felt for almost two years, has disappeared and have been running, lifting weights and doing work around the house pain free.

Thank you for the Vacupractor; it works!!

Bob Krutsch

VacuPractor back pain relief device as seen on MSNBC

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