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VacuPractor Testimonial by BeverlyMy back is definitely better after using the VacuPractor daily for 2 weeks. I have a crack at L4, and along with it severe back pain. Before VacuPractor I was taking multiple pain pills, as often as I could. The pain was excruciating and the chiropractor was not helping. In fact, nothing was helping. I had nothing to loose w/ the VacuPractor. After a few days I felt improvement but I had to wait to really know. Now it’s been a few months. My back is still sore (I still have a crack at L4) but NOTHING like it was. I am off all the pills except Ibuprofen off/on. This alone is a miracle. I make time for this special treatment. After a shower (or anytime), I lie on the VacuPractor first putting cool/hot gel on my mid & low back. Then I put a blanket over me and play my hand held electronic game or read for 15 min. Well worth it if you are willing to spend 15 minutes on yourself.


VacuPractor back pain relief device as seen on MSNBC

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