Adainaa Testimonial

Adainaa Testimonial for Vacupractor

I bought this mainly for my husband to try put. He has been suffering with back pain for years. We tried so many things out there to help him reduce his back pain and muscle fatigue. Most things including sprays, oils, supplements, massagers, only seems to reduce the pain for a very short of time and then the pain kicks back. I saw this product and It looks like a very interesting and special concept. Suction to reduce lower back pain and muscle tenderness. This is really different than any other products out there in the market. Plus, it is made in USA and it has patent. The product I received looks just like the picture shown and it is a good size to cover adults’ entire back area. The suction will last for about 10 minutes or so. If you want stronger suction or the suction to last a bit longer, you can apply some boday loction on your back so it does not dry as quickly as water and it seals better. We just tested this product a couple of times, and so far the pain is slightly reduced. We will see if this can truly help if we keep using it for 10 minutes everyday and what result we will have after months.