We have heard from hundreds of VacuPractor enthusiasts who have found relief from a wide variety of ailments with VacuPractor.

Here are just some of the conditions we’ve been told VacuPractor is helping:

  • low back pain
  • herniated discs
  • degenerated discs
  • compressed discs
  • back injuries
  • hip injuries
  • sciatica
  • spinal stenosis
  • and many more…

Happy Users!

Nancy Happy User Satisfied Vacupractor User Satisfied Vacupractor User
Satisfied Vacupractor User Satisfied Vacupractor User Satisfied Vacupractor User Satisfied Vacupractor User
Satisfied Vacupractor User Satisfied Vacupractor User Satisfied Vacupractor User Satisfied Vacupractor User
Satisfied Vacupractor User Satisfied Vacupractor User Satisfied Vacupractor User Satisfied Vacupractor User
Satisfied Vacupractor User Satisfied VacuPractor User Satisfied VacuPractor User Satisfied VacuPractor User
VacuPractor, a device for back pain, Testimonial by Beverly Happy Customer Don S. Pat Matteri
Dennis Starry - Mad River Canoe Dave - U Haul Wanda Brooks
Happy Customer Dottie Goldenetz Deloris N. Happy Customer
Linda Schlegal K ROSS Art San

What our users are saying

You won’t believe… or maybe you will, the result my wife go from the VacuPractor. She had back pain, in the lower region of her back, for about a year. She had done massage and acupuncture and was at the point to where she would mention it nearly daily. It was getting increasingly worse and she was concerned to say the least. Read more>>



“I use the vp (VacuPractor) in the morning, after my shower, to alleviate my lower back pain, which is caused from my bike riding. The vp (VacuPractor), takes my pain away, almost instantly.

Don S. – Denver Colorado

I no longer use a lift insert in my one shoe, and my back does not hurt at the end of the day. Thanks VacuPractor



John HenselwoodHi Paul:

As you know I have suffered from sciatica for many years, without relief, other than using pain killers. After using the VacuPractor for three days, I was amazed that my pain had gone. Read More >>

John Henselwood

I have no problem recommending this product. I continue to use it almost daily. My back is soooooo much better due to THIS product. Blue Rules!


I used the vacupractor for 10 minutes today and I did not have to use any pain meds. Unreal.


I haven’t tested this product much. I am still trying to get the hang of using it. I think the first few times that I tried, I did it wrong. It did relieve my back pain a bit, so I think it really works. I just need more practice. Will update when I get to test it out some more.

Maria P. Lim “Maria”

My husband has used this for the past week due to having back pain from being paraplegic. Now it is hard getting a man to give you his opinion of a product that is something other than “its cool” or “its alright”, but he actually said he could use this night after night.  Read More>>

Jen D.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review. I have had back issues for years. Spinal fusion – degenerative disk, etc, etc,. This product really helps. I find it makes me feel better – use it in the morning for a better day!


I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. My daughter had a seizure and feel to the floor and didn’t realize she twisted her back till the next day She used the VacuPractor and it help her immediately.


I’m still learning how to use this device but I like it so far. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.


I bought this mainly for my husband to try put. He has been suffering with back pain for years. We tried so many things out there to help him reduce his back pain and muscle fatigue. Read more>>


This thing works great! Easy to use and easy to store. Didn’t think something like this would help lower back pain but it does! Be sure the moisten it with water but not too much. It will abored quickly and create a suction that really helps get the back kinks out. Happy with purchase and would recommend! Came packaged well and on time. I received this product at a discounted price for an honest review.

Jenn P

I tried this product because I get lower back pain and I was given a discount to try it. It basically helps decompression your back. It works by suctioning your back to the Vacupractor, Why does this work? Well it gets you to stretch in a supporting way. Read More>>

R. Seinfeld

I have been experience lower back pain and some severe upper back pain for a few months now for unknown reasons. It gets pretty bad so I was excited about trying something different. I started using the VacuPractor after my morning shower. Read More>>

Cliff Davis


Satisfied Vacupractor UserI have to admit, this is not what I expected. But I mean that in a good way!

Here is a link to her full review of the VacuPractor: http://thehappyclownwithafrown.blogspot.com/2014/12/vacupractor-for-lower-back-pain-review.html



Satisfied Vacupractor UserAlmost 2 years ago I started going to see Dr. Maloof, the best chiropractor in Gwinnett, but good chiropractors come with weighty price tags, and most insurance companies don’t consider chiropractic care to be a legitimate healthcare expense (including mine). Read More >>

Amberr Meadows

The thing I can say about this product is that it did help me. It took some time for my back to get where it is and I know it will take some time to get better as well. Read More >>

Tomboy Angel

This item is WONDERFUL! At first I was like there is no way that this thing is going to work that great on my back but hey, let me give it a try. It did take me a couple times to get the positioning correct but once I did, boy this thing is nice. Read More >>

The Deals and More

I am sure everyone is different and will experience different things with this depending on how severe their pain is ~ as I had a friend try it too who has back problems and they said it worked great and relieved their pain almost immediately! Read More >>


I talked to my doctor to find out that it was not the VacuPractor but that as I got rid of the lower back pain I uncovered a different pain that had been there all along and with in a matter of 2 days it was gone. Read More >>


Satisfied Vacupractor User2 thumbs enthusiastically up, WAY, WAY, WAY up for VacuPractor!!

Connie Gruning

Satisfied Vacupractor User My husband modeling the VacuPractor. It’s a holistic approach to lower back pain and it works awesome! He has used it a lot since we got it. I will be posting a full review on the blog shortly.

Emily Belcher

Satisfied Vacupractor UserAs a Nurse, I am one of those job related back pain patients. When I haveback pain, and I can’t move, walk or even sit in a chair comfortably- how can I possibly go to work or drive? Read More >>

– Tia

So after trying to hold the suction as long as I could get it to stay I noticed that I was in fact able to make my legs go lower and lower each time so once i got them to the floor without immediately breaking the seal I stopped. Read More >>

Samantha Montgomery

Hi my name is Penny. I enjoy kayaking, interval training and weight lifting. When I started to experience lower back pain my exercise routine was compromised, social activities became limited – even light housework would set my back on fire. Read More >>

Penny Brubaker

When I got up after using the VacuPractor for 10 minutes I was IMMEDIATELY able to feel relief in my lumbar spine. If you have back pain you NEED to try this. Read More >>

Rebecca Hauptman Cashman

Dr. Stacey NaitoAs a physician trained in the osteopathic tradition, I appreciate and understand the significance of lower back pain and how debilitating it can be. I also prefer to use gentle treatment modalities as opposed to prescription medications or facet injections. Read More >>

Dr. Stacey Naito

I love the vacupractor.


I don’t have back pain any longer. When I got my unit, I used it 5-8 minutes in the morning and again at night, After 3 days, no more pain. I use it when my back gets a little tight, and after only 1 use, I’m back to normal. I have recommend it to about a dozen people.

Its the best device I own for my back.

Tom Thompson

I do get a lot of help from my VP

Jeff Lang

Here is a nice comment we received on our Facebook page:
Gregory Robinson

Paul, I received the VacuPractor today and I pulled it of the box and couldn’t wait to try it! I had just got done playing a round of golf which always seems to make my back hurt and swell. After just 15 mins I felt a relief I haven’t felt since going to the chiropractor!


Hi Paul, Love the Vacupractor product! – Neil Howe

Paul, just wanted to let you know I’ve been using the VacuPractor this summer after spending many back straining ‘gardening hours’. I use it immediately after showering for about 10 mins. I’ve not had ANY residual backache the next day. I’m definitely sold on this product!! Thanks for introducing it to us.

Jan Moore


Hey Paul,

Just wanted to let you know I’ve been using the VacuPractor this summer after spending many back straining ‘gardening hours’. Taking the VP into the shower with me, where it gets warm & wet, I use it immediately after showering for about 10 mins. I’ve not had ANY residual backache the next day. I’m definitely sold on this product!! Thanks for introducing it to us.

Pat MatteriThe first session I had on my VacuPractor was the afternoon it arrived. I treated myself the first thing each morning for the next two days before realizing that my knees didn’t feel anything! Read More >>

Pat Matteri


VacuPractor Testimonial by BeverlyMy back is definitely better after using the VacuPractor daily for 2 weeks. I have a crack at L4, and along with it severe back pain. Before VacuPractor I was taking multiple pain pills, as often as I could. Read More >>


Joe says:
YES! The VacuPractor works! I received mine last Friday and for 3 days now have woken up without any back pain! Seriously! They have a 90 day return policy and I’ve already thrown the box away. I do 5 minutes each morning and 5 before bed. Probably will decrease to once a day and then probably once a week.”

Despite being very skeptical I ordered the VacuPractor after reading positive on-line reviews. My back was bothering me the day I received it so that night I decided to give it a try.


C.M. Davis

VacuPractor Testimonial - LinkedIn.com
John – Posted on LinkedInc.com HERE

I have lower back pain and sciatica that occasionally is quite uncomfortable. After receiving my Vacupractor, it took a little experimentation to achieve the maximum benefit. I fill the tub with a little hot water and soak the Vacupractor in it to get it warm before I use it, then sprinkle warm water on it to achieve the vacuum required. Read More >>

J. Miller
Omak, Washington

I wanted to write to you to tell you how impressed I am with the VacuPractor product. As an aging Baby Boomer, I try to stay in shape with an exercise program that mixes walking, hiking, and bike riding. All of which cause compression of my spine and subsequent lower back pain.


Rex Metcalf
Beaverton, Oregon

My husband broke his back in the mid 80’s as the result of a car accident. The break went undiagnosed until late 2010. Read More >>

Sherri B from Ohio

I have tried the VacuPractor two nights ago. the results from my test were immediate… Where do I send the check…? Read More >>

Steven Newman

After a car accident in 1992, I started to suffer from neck and back pain. I hit the windshield head on, as I was not wearing my seatbelt. Read More >>

Sharon Kissel

WOW! The package arrived YESTERDAY! And I am SO grateful. I really did something to my back on Thurs and used it 2x yesterday. It feels great today … and I haven’t even used it yet,

Merry Christmas

I am a retired police officer with a career that lasted over 31 years. Like most cops I ended my career with a lot of pack pain that required multi-weekly visits for treatment. Read More >>

Larry Conrad

Hey Paul! Wow ! Thank You for The Vacu Thing! Amazing results in a very short time. Read More >>

Scott Frericks

Quick update:

My wife Blanca and I have both used the VacuPractor and it’s great! She felt the difference after the first time she used it! Read More >>

Jose & Blanca Martinez

Tuesday 4/13/10 when I woke up, I couldn’t stand up straight. From my tailbone down my left leg it hurt so bad. I wanted to go to the Chiropractor but it hurt too bad. Read More >>

Linda Schlegel

I always got lower back stress and stiffness the day after pushing the lawn mower. Now I get on my VacuPractor right after mowing and get no pain or stiffness the next day.

W. Brooks

“The VacuPractor worked for me when conventional methods failed”

Sam Switzer

“[the VacuPractor is] amazing, my pain goes away right away, no waiting.”

Leona Horstman

Two years ago, I had lower back problems, due to running many miles and not exercising my back muscles. I spent seven weeks at physical therapy and it did help reduce the discomfort but it did not alleviate it altogether. Read More >>

Bob Krutsch

“I can’t believe how much my back pain was effecting my attitude and personality… [The VacuPractor] is amazing. It feels so nice pulling down on my back when I’m using it and my back feels… well it doesn’t feel anything! I’ve had daily back pain for so long that it’s taking [time getting accustomed] to not having [the pain] there…….”

Brad J.

“Just a note to let you know that I have used the [Vacupractor] twice now. Both times it was right after I got home from work, and both times I have slept through the entire night (an unusual thing for me) and got up without the normal creaking, grinding and pain! I am going to continue to use it!.. Plus my [son] felt better after one use! ”

Mike M.

“I never have back pain, but I twisted or lifted wrong the other day, and I decided to try the VacuPractor on a recommendation from a friend. It worked! Shortly after I used it, I felt better already…” Read More >>

Jean Knepley

“………at first I used my VacuPractor two or three times a week, I’ve cut that back to once a week or as needed. I’m 72 years old and am still able to weed my flower beds without having to run to the chiropractor.”

Dolores N.

“Having used the VacuPractor has helped me sleep without the searing pain that used to run down both my outer thighs from hip to knee. This pain would start about two hours after going to sleep. Then I would be awake the rest of the night…” Read More >>

Sue G

“Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the results I have received from my VacuPractor. I have been plagued most of my life with lower back problems, unable to do things that require being on my feet or sitting for long periods of time. Read More >>

Dottie Goldenetz

Because I was a hair stylist for 14 years, I have a bad back, so I was pretty excited for the opportunity to review the Vacupractor I was quite excited. The Vacupractor works by creating a gentle suction to help relieve pain. I wasn’t too sure about this, it just didn’t seem like something that would work they way they said, but I was surprisingly proved wrong. This is an awesome product for lower back pain.


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