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VacuPractor Featured in the March Issue of Pain-Free Living

The Vacupractor was recently featured in the March 2016 issue of the Pain-Free Living magazine. Given the magazine’s place in the arthritis and pain relief space, this is a noteworthy achievement. After appearing in the publication, we have noticed a

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Five New Year’s Resolutions for Back Pain Sufferers

Severe back pain affects many individuals in the US and the world over. Indeed, relief has evaded so many back pain sufferers that many are ready to give up. If this is you, take heart, as the comfort you’ve been

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Lower Back Pain During Workouts

Nearly everyone experiences lower back pain at some point during their life, but for people who experience it during workouts, the pain may prove particularly bothersome. While experiencing mild discomfort during a workout is normal, some people do not know

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Ten Ways to Manage Back Pain in Older Adults

Lower back pain is an all too common reality for millions of older adults. Many of these cases occur as a natural result of aging; which is why I’ve often reminded my more mature patients of the adage, ‘an ounce

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Three Things to Know about Back Pain and Emotional Distress

I’ve seen firsthand the extent to which lower back pain and emotional distress can impact each other. Understanding this link can often mean the difference between getting a quick and accurate diagnosis versus spending countless resources on the wrong treatments.

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Is there Really a Connection between Heat and Back Pain?

Have you ever heard someone say that their lower back pain gets worse during the summer and wondered whether there was truly a connection between heat and chronic back pain? Alternatively, are you already convinced that they are related and

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Exercises to Eliminate Lower Back Pain

It wasn’t long ago that I released my ebook, “Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain”. However, since so many of VacuPractor’s readers did not find us until after we released it, we thought it would be good to share it

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How to Avoid Back Pain, While Shoveling Snow

We are in the month of March and are still seeing snow. Will Old Man Winter let up? The weatherman doesn’t think so. Not that his record is spotless or anything, but if forecasts are correct you may want to

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Lance Armstrong’s Training To Overcome Back Pain

Also in our celebrity’s with back pain series: John F. Kennedy – A Life of Back Pain & Hidden Illness Hulk Hogan and his story of failed back surgery Elizabeth Taylor – A Life of Pain and Multiple Surgeries George

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Helping Prevent Back Pain the Ergonomic Way

For those working in the office setting, functioning effectively on a day-to-day basis should include ergonomics. Numerous methods, techniques and implements can be employed to help reduce repetitive strain syndromes, neck discomfort and even lower back pain. The cumulative effect

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