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Seven Natural Remedies for Lower Back Pain

It is estimated that over 75% of the population will experience lower back pain at some point during their adult lives. As a result, back pain relief is almost always in demand. However, since many of these treatments are unnatural,

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VacuPractor Kicks The Back Pain Epidemic with our Recent Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign

As part of our mission to improve quality of life, one of our biggest aims has always been to see an end to chronic back pain – here in the US and around the world. Thanks to you, Vacupractor is

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Buying the Right Exercise Ball

Exercise balls can be used to treat back pain and are effective in preventing, reducing and rehabilitating lower back pain in particular. Exercise balls are a wonderful addition to the fitness arsenal, but to get the most out of using

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Back Pain Relief By Reducing Stress

Physical strain isn’t the only thing that can leave you complaining of back pain. Psychological troubles, such as chronic stress or depression, can play a significant role in the severity of back problems and other physical ailments. Achieving back pain

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