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Introducing The VacuPractor

Back Pain Relief Device

Improve patient outcomes and provide an effective tool to help your patients manage their pain both in the clinic and at home between visits.

VacuPractor is a revolutionary patented device for the treatment of lower back pain. The user lies on the device, creating a natural vacuum effect to gently pull the spine and stretch the muscles in the lower back area. The clinicians or Doctor directs the user through the “Standard”, or “Pump” Protocol. (click here view the Protocol for use document).

Treatment sessions are 5 to 15 minutes as determined by the clinicians based on the condition being treated. (click here view the Treatment Guidelines document). After proper instruction, the VacuPractor can be used at home in between visits, and it can be combined with other pain treatments as part of a patient’s total care. CPT Code 97012 or 97140

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How It Works

How To Use The Vacupractor

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Professional Testimonials:

“The Vacupractor is a godsend for countless reasons. It is affordable, lightweight, and easy to use.”

— Dr. Stacey Naito

“So simple, yet so effective! From the first time I used the VacuPractor, I knew treatment of back pain had been changed forever.”

— Dr. Eric Hansen

“You Rock” Used to relieve his back pain and over 20 patients in first 2 weeks of being introduced to the VacuPractor.”

— Dr. Carl Jelstrup – Bellevue, WA


VacuPractor Can Be Seen In:

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DC Product Review 2014
Massage Magazine
Meyer 2012 Catalog

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