How It Works

How The VacuPractor Works

The VacuPractor utilizes an outward pull on the lower curvature of the back that is unique to all other methods. How unique? It’s method has recently been adopted by the massage industry’s NCBTMB as accredited Continuing Education for Massage Therapists.

Using suction to pull out the spine curve rather than pulling lengthwise proved to be the most effective use of pressures. The VacuPractorâ„¢ is the only device that pulls straight out on the over-curvature in the lower spine (lordosis). These pressures working together stretch tired strained muscles allowing the back to relax without medication, relieving pressure on the disks and nerves. Throughout each session, the user remains in a comfortable, relaxed supine position.

Instructions For Use

How To Use The VacuPractor

MRI View Of The Improved Position Of The Spine

VacuPractor MRI Test

The VacuPractor’s outward pull also lengthens your spine because it is held straighter. This lengthening stretches the muscles behind your spine. Stretching is the natural way to relax a muscle in spasm and relieve lower back pain. The same way you would treat a cramp in your calf muscle by pulling up on the ball of your foot.

VacuPractor Low Back Pain Treatment Benefits

  1. Increase the clearances between the vertebrae for better nerve function
  2. Stretch the muscles in spasm reducing or eliminating the need for muscle relaxing medications
  3. Reverses or slows the onset of lower spinal problems
  4. Get relief from lower back pain
  5. Is a safe, natural way for low back pain treatment
  6. Feel good again and do the things you love

Video Demonstration

Daily Abuse Causes Lower Back Pain…

When we lift something that’s too heavy, or jump off the porch, or shovel too much snow etc. the extra downward forces and added shocks force the lower curvature of the spine further inward reducing the space needed for proper nerve function. Each time this happens the disks become more wedge shaped the same way a piano’s hammers will develop a flat side from years of striking strings.

Muscles in the surrounding area may go in to spasm because they are being over-stressed in their attempt to solve the problem. This makes back pain progressive. As we age, less force is required to send muscles in to spasm, because the column becomes weaker. Disk compression, and years of downward pressure that increases the curves are the reasons people become shorter as they reach higher ages.

A downward inward pressure is being applied to our lumbar region every time we stand. There is never an upward outward pressure applied. The VacuPractor provides both of these forces simultaneously. The patented method of treatment is very simple. The way you fix a problem is undo the causes of the problem!


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