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VacuPractor Government & VA Sales

Government & VA Sales
Core Competencies

VacuPractor is a revolutionary new patented device for the self-treatment of lower back pain. The user lies on the device, creating a natural vacuum effect to gently pull the spine and stretch the muscles in the lower back area. Pain is relieved in as little as five to ten minutes of use. VacuPractor can be used at home, and it can be combined with other pain treatments as part of a patient’s total care.

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  • FDA registered Class I orthopedic device for lower back pain
  • Relieves pain quickly, in as little as 5-10 minutes
  • Safe, affordable and easy to use at home or in the field
  • Lightweight and Disposable
  • All-natural remedy that can be combined with other treatments, if needed
VacuPractor Differentiators

VacuPractor works quickly and provides patients with an effective tool to personally manage lower back pain at home. Regular use could reduce or eliminate a patient’s need for other more expensive approaches.

  • Effective and affordable remedy for lower back pain
  • Provides patients with an effective tool to manage their pain at home or in the field
  • Reduces/eliminates the need for other more costly treatments
  • Made in the USA
  • Veteran-owned
Past Performance

VacuPractor is the recipient of the 2011 Zino Life Science Award, and has been tested and evaluated with positive results by Washington State University and by multiple chiropractors, licensed massage thera-pists and sports trainers.
VacuPractor has a 90% + success rate.

Customers & Partners
Certification & Designation
  • U.S. Army MWR
  • Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (Approved Provider)
  • AmeriMark
  • Active Forever
  • Colorado Chiropractic Association
  • Meyer Distribution (largest supplier to Chiropractors)
  • Milken (largest DME supplier in USA)



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Pain Level Survey

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Owners Manual

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