George Clooney Contemplated Suicide From Back Pain

George Clooney Back Pain Sufferer We all have challenges in our lives from time to time. Whether one digs ditches for important civic improvement projects or hails as an Academy Award winning actor and director, aches and pains from injuries or overuse often cause overarching mental, physical and emotional trauma.

Take premiere Hollywood icon, George Clooney, veteran actor of television and film–starring in numerous films as well as directing his fair share. Now add to this list of accomplishments that of stunt man. In 2005, during the filming of the movie Syriana, Mr. Clooney opted to perform his own stunts during a very violent torture scene. While movie magic can make the final product seem horrifyingly real, the actual reality for George included a torn dura mater–a membrane that covers the spinal cord.

Symptoms included severe headaches that gave way to spinal fluid leaking from the actor’s nose. He also suffered from short-term memory loss along with several weeks of thoughts about continuing a life with the type and amount of pain he’d been experiencing up to that point.

“I was at a point where I thought, ‘I can’t exist like this. I can’t actually live,’ ” the actor said in a then upcoming issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.

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This was the conclusion Mr. Clooney jokingly came to after realizing he was able to go on with his life and career. Thanks to spinal surgery which included reinforcing his back with metal bolts and a daily regimen of Xanax and Motrin, George finds a way to deal with the pain.

While not having the luxury of personally examining Mr. Clooney at the time of the initial injury, there are numerous similar cases where the use of a VacuPractor back pain relief device could help provide one with an alternative to such heavy, regular medications.

Other famous folks suffer from back pain as well. Former President John F. Kennedy ailed from a bad back as has Spiderman’s Tobey Maguire and veteran entertainment icon and funny man, Jerry Lewis.

Imagine daily suffering with back pain since 1965–in Mr. Lewis’ case!

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