VacuPractor Receives Continuing Education Approval For Florida Massage Therapists

VacuPractor Receives Continuing Education Approval For Florida Massage Therapists

VacuPractor continues to support massage therapists with its recent approval from the Florida Medical Quality Assurance board (provider #50-1407) to provide continuing education credits to massage therapists.

Redmond, WA (I-Newswire) March 28, 2012 – Paul Hagen and the VacuPractor ( have developed quite the connection with the Sunshine State. Recently, VacuPractor was approved to provide continuing education credits for Florida massage therapists seeking to renew their licenses. As a CE Provider (provider #50-1407) Mr. Hagen can now teach his course, The VacuPractor Technique, to Florida massage therapists as a part of the mandated 24 hours of continuing education required to renew a massage license every two years.

“We are very excited to be approved by the Florida Board of Health to provide continuing education to Massage Therapists,” says Kris Karr, VacuPractor CE Administrator. “Being an alternative and complimentary practitioner, myself, I know how important it is to stay abreast of developing therapies and new healing techniques that will bring relief to my clients and empower them to take charge of their health.”

Working with the state of Florida’s Division of Medical Quality Assurance shows VacuPractor’s commitment to extending its reach and providing the best information to medical health professionals all across the country. The Florida MQA envisions a healthier future for the people living in the state. Such a vision requires mandating appropriate licensing procedures for all health care professional–massage therapists included.

In addition to providing health care licensure, the MQA enforces laws related to proper care techniques, record keeping and transmittal, and has been tasked with creating and distributing information to residents and visitors to the state as it relates to health care issues.

As such, it was a perfect fit for the VacuPractor low back pain relief device to partner with the officially recognized state agency in Florida to provide the correct knowledge about how to apply the VacuPractor Technique to patients suffering from moderate to severe lower back pain. The growing number of health care professionals across the United States learning about non-medicated solutions for reducing back pain grows every day.

VacuPractor’s commitment to spreading its message helps the right information get into the hands of those who need it most. The aggressive approach to providing continuing education courses via state licensing boards continues to be a main focus for Paul Hagen and the entire staff at VacuPractor.

In addition to officially being accepted as a CE Provider, VacuPractor also supports and promotes various state-wide associations providing public awareness of massage therapy in Florida. Paul Hagen and VacuPractor proudly sponsored the recent quarterly board meeting of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association. This organization, having been in existence since 1939, predates most of the official state laws and licensing bureaus there. In fact, the FSMTA helped the Florida legislature draft many of the rules and regulations on the books today. VacuPractor partnering with such a cornerstone institution in the area of massage therapy in Florida naturally supports the company’s decisions to provide licensed massage therapists with the very best in ongoing education as well as a quality, American made lower back pain relief device.

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