VacuPractor Back Pain Relief Device Honors Dads This Father's Day With $25.00 Off and a 2 for 1 Special Unit Monday, June 18th

VacuPractor Back Pain Relief Device Honors Dads This Father’s Day With $25.00 Off and a 2 For 1 Special Until Monday, June 18th

VacuPractor honors dads with a rare Father’s Day 2-for-1 offer plus take an extra $25.00 off when you use the coupon code “father” at checkout on their lower back pain relief device. More men than ever experience moderate to extreme back pain.

Redmond, WA (I-Newswire) June 13, 2012 – Vacupractor manufactures and distributes back pain relief devices for those suffering with lower back injuries and pain. Co-Founder and CEO of VacuPractor, Mr. Paul Hagen, decided the best way his company could provide hard-working dads with the back pain relief they need was by offering a two for the price of one father’s day special. Anyone who has been considering purchasing this patented back pain reliever will want to jump on this very rare, special offer before it goes away forever and enter in the coupon code “father” at check out. The special discount only works by following the URL above.

According to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) as many as two-thirds of American adults experience lower back pain from either injury, poor working conditions or less than ideal home sitting and sleeping facilities. The research performed by the APTA indicates men tend to be more affected by moderate to severe lower back pain.

Combining these facts with the upcoming holiday that celebrates and honors the fathers in our lives, and it becomes easy to understand why VacuPractor instituted the 2-for-1 special.

Mr. Hagen often remarks about the state of people’s physical wellness and the effects of everyday life on the human body. “People are often shocked to find that the products they’ve been using at home or at work are contributing to their pain.”

Good back health directly affects our favorite father’s wellness and happiness. Regardless of the type of work dad performs–sitting in an office chair all day, or performing demanding physical labor–elevated levels of discomfort and pain reduces his ability to enjoy life to its fullest. Even playing golf with his friends on the weekend or spending time with the family, lower back pain increases physical stress and anxiety in many men in this country.

Statistics gathered by organizations like the National Retail Federation–via their Father’s Day surveys–indicate that gift spending on dads during this holiday are at an all-time high. Perhaps getting him a tie this year isn’t the best option.

Instead of simply getting a smile from dad on Father’s Day, why not consider investing in helping improve his lower back health and take advantage of this limited-time offer. Just visit 2 VacuPractor back pain relief devices for the price of one and enter in the coupon code “father”. Your dad will thank you for the rest of the year.

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The VacuPractor is an FDA Registered Class I orthopedic device that provides lasting lower back pain relief. It can be used in just minutes on any flat, firm surface, and it’s guaranteed to relieve back pain by comfortably decompressing the spine and gently stretching the surrounding muscles. More information can be found about VacuPractor and their revolutionary back pain relief product at VacuPractor is manufactured in the USA.

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