Revolutionary Technology Called The VacuPractor

Revolutionary Technology called The VacuPractor for Back Pain Relief Now Puts Patients in Control and Available For Home Use

(I-Newswire) , October 5, 2010 – What happens when “unique” and “immediate” and “home use” are combined for lower back pain relief? A product like no other on the market. Immediate as in – no waiting for 30-90 days and “hoping” for results. 200 million people in the USA have occasional to severe back pain according to the Center for Disease Control. What does this mean to health care? $85 Billion is spent each year according to the American Medical Association treating low back pain. “That’s WAY too much money” according to VacuPractor founder Paul Hagen.

Many people have used the VacuPractor in their home and have felt a new sense of liberation as a result of the back pain relief they enjoy now that was giving them pain and distress for years.

Doctors that are a proponent of non invasive and non surgical techniques will include treatments like the VacuPractor for lower back pain relief first before costly surgery.

There is an astounding success rate to pain relief and complete recovery from those using the VacuPractor.

Questions people ask before buying the VacuPractor:

Are the Results Guaranteed? Yes – no questions asked money back Guarantee,

Can I use it at home or in the office when I need it, or do I have to make an appointment, and drive there during work hours? Yes – With the VacuPractor it’s small, lightweight and portable and you own it.

Is it easy to use? Very simple to use.

Does it work when other things have failed? Yes, photo and testimonials keep coming in from everyday people.

Is it all natural, a drug free way to relax back pain away? Yes, it is the only device that pulls straight out on the over curvature in the lower spine ( lordosis). We hold the Utility Patent for using vacuum pressure.

What is the Cost? Is it affordable to everyone? $59.99 – less than the cost of your first of many trips to a Doctor, and less than some people spend each month on pain medication.

About VacuPractor:
VacuPractor is manufactured in the USA.

The VacuPractor™ is a unique lower back pain relief method that is simple and easy to use at home. The concept using vacuum pressure is to pull the lower spinal curve straight out and lengthwise. These pressures work to stretch muscles in “spasm,” restoring the proper nerve function and reducing the possibility of disk failure. Press Contact: Paul Hagen 425-577-2713

Company Contact Information
Paul Hagen
15127 NE 24th Street #185
Redmond, WA
Phone : 425-577-2713