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About UsVacuPractor is proudly made in the USA

At VacuPractor™, our most valuable assets are our commitments to excellence, innovation, and improving the quality of people’s lives. VacuPractor is American invented, American owned and proudly manufactured in the USA.

CCR RegisteredUntil now, no treatment or mechanism existed to directly address the causes of lower back pain. VacuPractor’s founder, a lifelong chronic back pain sufferer reasoned that no one would straighten a bent fork by pulling on the ends of the fork. Much less pressure is necessary if the pressure is applied against the apex of the curve.

Applying this logic, we came up with the idea of applying vacuum pressure against the apex of the lower spine curve from the outside of the body. Using this logic, the idea of a revolutionary approach in spinal care has been born. Trademarked and Patented, the “VacuPractor” utilizes vacuum pressures and leverage to increase clearances between vertebrae in the lumbar region and to stretch muscles which may be shortened or in spasm relaxing them without medication.

VacuPractor is a place where teamwork is essential. We are dedicated to working with customers, doctors, and companies to develop relationships and services that meet and anticipate needs for our life enhancing product.

If you would like to become involved, please contact us.

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