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Tiger Woods Returns to Competition – Back Pain Free

Back on March 19th, 2014 I talked to Catherine Heymeyer of Excel Sports Management. She said if I would send her a VacuPractor she would pass it along to Tiger Woods agent and her boss Mark Steinberg.  I did, as you

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Art San – Tass Master Sports Therapist Endorses The VacuPractor

Art San, Tass Master Sports Therapist and fondly known as “The Pain Eraser” has endorsed the VacuPractor back pain relief system. The VacuPractor™ is a revolutionary new treatment device for lower back pain. You can use it in the home

Should NBA MVP Derrick Rose Take Better Care of his Back?

Some believe in order to steer clear from lower back pain a major requirement includes maintaining great physical health. Considering that over one-third of Americans are classified as obese, one might safely assume a lot of folks are suffering from

How To Avoid Injury While Skiing

Skiing can be one of the most exhilarating, refreshing, and transcendental experiences imaginable. It provides exercise for the entire body, fresh, crisp mountain air for the lungs and excitement for all of our senses. It is, however, quite a dangerous

How To Pick Running Shoes

How To Pick Running Shoes Ok – Your lower back is feeling better, and you are thinking of get out and pounding the pavement.  Do not do it until you read this. Running is wonderful cardiovascular exercise and a popular

A New Tool for Your Golf Game

Is Lower Back Pain Affecting Your Swing? The problem is that the golf swing, in and of itself, isn’t conducive to having a healthy back. To have a good swing you create tension in your spine. (This enables you to get good