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Which Back Pain Device is Best Suited for Relieving Your Pain?

A device for back pain refers to a type of instrument that is applied directly to the back or the area surrounding the back, in order to relieve pain in the muscles or joints. A back pain device that is

The Importance of Using Ergonomic Furniture

If you have back pain, you know how important a comfortable chair can be. In an office, back pain sufferers often find themselves playing musical chairs. You try out every seat in the office until you find the one that

What Every Woman Should Know About High Heels

Some women just love, love, love high heeled shoes. And neither sex is more at fault. Men find women in high heels sexy. Women say high heels make them feel sexy. Of course, those shoes need to be “just right”.

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Are you Technohealthy? Watch Out for Text Neck and Blackberry Thumb!

Here are some great tips to prevent injury and pain from excessive use of technology. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) is bringing attention to the rise in musculoskeletal injuries caused by excessive use of mobile devices, computers and other technologies.