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Preventing Back Injury While Lifting Objects

It’s safe to say that over the years, I’ve treated hundreds of back pain patients. In doing so I’ve noticed a recurring trend—lifting heavy objects is one of the most common sources of back injuries. Indeed, back pain is a

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Preventing Back Injury During Road Trips

Similar to making sure that your vehicle is ready and filled up with fuel, before a road trip you should take steps to prevent back injury during your road trip. So get ready to buckle up because we’re going to

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Reduce Back Pain Through Healthy Nutrition

Nutrition is critical to daily living and can have a significant impact on our overall health. Indeed, the food that we put inn our bodies affects how our bodies fight illnesses. While pain medication offers some relief to back pain

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This Valentine’s Day, Give Your Back a Hug

Valentine’s Day is a special day to show our loved ones just how much we care about them. It’s also a great time to give a little of that love “back” to ourselves. Millions of Americans suffer from back pain,

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Five New Year’s Resolutions for Back Pain Sufferers

Severe back pain affects many individuals in the US and the world over. Indeed, relief has evaded so many back pain sufferers that many are ready to give up. If this is you, take heart, as the comfort you’ve been

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How to Prevent Back Pain, During Summer Travel

  Family vacations can be so much fun. Nonetheless, many patients, who already suffer from back pain, complain that travel has worsened their condition. Here are a few points to keep in mind, as it relates to travelling with back

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Back Pain Free Happiness

Victory Pose

Hi thanks for coming the extra mile in your search for a solution to your back pain. By that I mean that if you’re reading this blog post you’ve most likely read 100’s of articles and gotten advice from friends,

Which Back Pain Device is Best Suited for Relieving Your Pain?

A device for back pain refers to a type of instrument that is applied directly to the back or the area surrounding the back, in order to relieve pain in the muscles or joints. A back pain device that is

Top 7 Stretches for All-Around Flexibility

Top 7 Stretches for All-Around Flexibility

Stretching is important to maintaining flexibility. If you study animals such as cats and dogs, you will notice that they stretch on a frequent basis to keep their muscles supple and limber. Stretching helps to maintain a good range of

What We Can Learn From How Other Countries Eat

VacuPractor is all about relieving back pain and improving your health. And, what better way to do that then to manage your weight and overall health through proper eating and exercise. Other countries tend to eat healthier than Americans so we thought