What You Need to Know about Back Pain While Standing

Back Pain While StandingAlthough many tend to think of back pain while standing as an issue which only affects the elderly, this malady is more common in adults than many might think. Furthermore, given that we never know when we may find ourselves standing for longer than a few minutes this type of pain should not be overlooked.

So today we will not only discuss the hows and whys of this form of lower back pain, but I will also highlight several remedies.

Standing back pain typically occurs when a patient is waiting in line or taking part in any other activity that requires an upright position. Sometimes it only takes a moment for the pain to set in, while other times it may take a longer period of standing before the pain sets in. By and large, this type of pain happens due to the extreme stress put on the spinal column while standing, seated, walking, running or otherwise active.

At the root of the problem is your spinal column. When you put too much pressure on it, your muscles become tense; which leads pain and inflammation. Additionally, as we age, pressure continues to build up in our back muscles and ligaments.

Causes of Standing Back Pain

Pain in the back generally occurs when an individual is standing and minimizes when taking a seat. Constant pounding brought on by activities such as running can likewise put more pressure on the spinal column.

The more pressure the spinal column experiences, the more pressure there will be on the muscles. This pressure can trigger the muscles to tighten up, and the pain in the back will then appear as a convulsion.

As we age, our ligaments and muscles absorb even greater amounts of pressure. Furthermore, this problem is further compounded when a patient experiences this type of back pain but fails to address it.

Other causes of back pain during standing include:

  • Burst Discs – This condition is sometimes referred to as a herniated or slipped disc and refers to tears in the spinal tissue.
  • Back Sprains – Back sprains can be triggered by strenuous physical activities and are one of the most common reasons for back pain.
  • Back Stenosis – Spinal stenosis is a condition that affects spinal nerves. One of its symptoms is tingling in the feet and legs.

It should be noted that the injuries mentioned above can sometimes result in back spasms while walking.

Remedies for Back Pain While Standing

The best treatment for back pain when standing is often just to take it easy for a few days. However, there are also several exercises that you can use to alleviate back strains that occur while standing. The stretches are effective because they help ease inflammation by extending your back muscles, thereby reducing pain in the process.

Among the workouts that you can use to address this form of lower back pain are the following:

  • The Deep Squat Rest
  • Back Hyperextension
  • Toe Touches
  • Rotational Stretch

In addition to helping to strengthen your back, these core workouts tend to promote good health all around. Armed with this valuable information you are now one step closer to ridding yourself of back strain while standing.

Of course, before you begin a new exercise regimen it may be a good idea to consult your physician. Likewise, you should also contact your doctor if the pain persists.


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