VacuPractor Kicks The Back Pain Epidemic with our Recent Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign

As part of our mission to improve quality of life, one of our biggest aims has always been to see an end to chronic back pain – here in the US and around the world. Thanks to you, Vacupractor is now closer than ever to making our goal a reality.

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VacuPractor Fully Funded on Kickstarter – Thank You!

As you may already be aware, VacuPractor recently launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to help us improve the quality of life for many more back pain sufferers. You responded in a tremendous way! You can see it here:

Not only did you help us meet our original funding goal – but together we exceeded it by over 100%!

So, we’d like to thank everyone who helped us to reach our fundraising goal on Kickstarter. Your actions have brought us us a step closer to eradicating chronic back pain – one back at a time!

The Back Pain Epidemic

According to a recent study, roughly 65 million Americans suffer from back pain. Back pain can range in severity, location and duration and can affect individuals of all genders, ages and sizes. While some causes of back pain may be obvious, such as heavy lifting, pushing or pulling, there are also several less obvious causes of severe back pain.

For instance, as the American population becomes more accustomed to sweeping technological advances, the general public continues to become less active and more sedentary. While it would seem that a less physically demanding lifestyle would lead to less stress, history has sown the the opposite to be true. As a result, back pain has reached epidemic proportions in the US.

Consequently, it has led record numbers of back pain sufferers to take a closer look at their habits, as they seek out root causes and remedies for their aching backs.

Exercises To Relive Lower Back Pain ebookVacuPractor Responds to Rise in Back Pain Sufferers

In response to the surge in back pain cases that the US has seen in recent years, VacuPractor launched a massive campaign to educate consumers on how to eliminate back pain.

Part of this campaign includes publishing articles about how poor posture, inadequate stretching and environmental issues can contribute to severe back pain. Here’s a quick recap, just in case you missed it:

  • Back Posture – Poor back posture can be detrimental to your back health. This is especially true when you’re engaging in physical exercise or activities. Slouching can cause added strain on your back muscles, eventually putting excessive pressure on your back.

Many exercises and physical activities rely on proper posture for optimal performance, however if you’re not careful they can wreak havoc on your spine. It’s important to take periodic breaks from strenuous physical activity and properly realign your back to avoid posture-related back pain.

  • Inadequate Stretching – Another cause of back pain is inadequate stretching before and after exercise. Proper stretching before arduous physical activity allows your back muscles to warm up slowly so that you can prepare for the tasks ahead. On the other hand, if you skip your warm-up stretches before heavy physical exertion you run the risk of pulling or pinching your back muscles.

Likewise, stretching after physical activity allows your already warm muscles to lengthen further and gives your body an opportunity to return to proper alignment.

  • Environmental Issues – Environmental factors can also play an major role in the back pain that you experience during physical activity. For instance, summer heat has been shown to aggravate back injuries. Changes in barometric pressure are directly related to pain.

High atmospheric pressure pushes the skin, as well as the liquids in the body and increases the pain level. Humidity also affects pain. Though there are several competing

explanations as to why this happens, one fact that experts seem to agree upon is the link between inflammation and hot or humid weather.

Stretches to Ease Your Back Pain

VacuPractor has also championed the cause of proper back stretches as a way to improve back health. Particularly, in the past we have highlighted numerous exercises that you can perform – in the comfort of your own home – to alleviate back pain. Here are three of them:

  1. Pelvic Tilt – The pelvic tilt is an exercise that strengthens the lower back to help individuals avoid pain.
  2. Side Plank – The slide plank exercise is also beneficial as it helps to strengthen quadratus lumborum muscle, frequently linked to back pain.
  3. Hamstring Stretch – Hamstrings muscles are located on the back of the thighs. Tightness in these muscles may put stress on the lower back causing discomfort and pain. Overtime the hamstring stretch can help relieve the stress on your lower back.

In fact, to make back pain relief as accessible as possible to the general public, we even published a free ebook ‘Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain’, which describes each of the major back stretches – in detail.

The VacuPractor as a Source of Back Pain Relief

By far our biggest effort to help eradicate back pain was the creation of the VacuPractor — itself. The device is FDA registered and many doctors have recommended it to individuals that suffer from chronic back pain.

About Vacupractor

VacuPractor is a Class I FDA Registered Orthopedic Device for the treatment of Lower Back Pain. VacuPractor is a revolutionary new treatment device for lower back pain that may help the 26 million people that seek treatment from a doctor and the 100 million that self-medicate and self-treat. The VacuPractor is sold with a money back guarantee to relieve lower back pain, and it is proudly made in the USA.

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