Understanding the Link Between the Flu and Back Pain

Flu and Back PainWe’re approaching the time of year where the Flu abounds. Unfortunately, for back pain sufferers “The Flu” has the ability to grow in intensity anytime there’s a pre-existing health condition. As alluded to earlier, influenza is smart.

It can recognize bad back tissue easily. It can also thrive in certain environmental conditions, such as a dirty living environment, poor hygiene, or severe temperature fluctuations. Continue reading to learn the connection between back pain and the Flu.

For example, if your bad back prevents you from sitting up straight to clear your throat most of the time, influenza can take advantage of that. Of course, if you visit a physician they can show you how to get in an upright position to clear your throat safely and easily. Indeed, visiting a physician or chiropractor may be the best thing individuals suffering from pre-existing back pain and the Flu can do because a bad back prevents you from fully using your body’s natural health faculties.

Furthermore, the weaker your body is, the more likely you are to succumb to “The Flu.” While it’s not likely that you’ll die from the Flu, it could happen. Out of 200,000 annually reported cases of the Flu, as many as 36,000 people die from it each year.

How Good Nutrition Can Help You Beat the Flu

If you have a bad back, the following tips can make beating the Flu much easier.

Learn About and Use Beneficial Roots, Herbs, And Spices – There’s an entire world of roots, herbs, and spices that can help keep your body functioning at its best. For people with back pain, it can mean the difference between beating “The Flu” and becoming seriously ill from it.

One example of a beneficial root is Astragalus Root. It’s well known in the “Far East” as an immune system booster, and it works wonders to help keep the body energized, clean, and healthy. Because astragalus is nearly 100% fiber, it also helps with digestion.

The real magic of astraglaus is in the astragalosides in contains. Astragalosides supercharge the immune system to help our white blood cells kill invading organisms like “The Flu” more easily.
Other beneficial roots for combating the Flu include ginger root, cayenne pepper, clove oil (and other essential oils), nutmeg, cardamom, basil, turmeric, and garlic. Home cooked food, like potatoes, should be pre-soaked in salt and spices like these so they stay fresh longer after cooking and for freezing purposes.

Practice Good Hygiene – You should be in the habit of good hygiene before you are exposed to influenza. This way, you’ll already be in the habit of a daily hygiene regimen. Oral 3% hydrogen peroxide therapy helps a lot to reduce levels of bad bacteria.

Showering regularly, sponge bathing in between, and using hygiene items like cocoa butter, aloe vera, and purified water can do a world of good. Good hygiene won’t produce instant results, but it will help with making gradual improvements in your overall health.

How to Make Painful Sneezing and Coughing Sessions More Productive

Coughing when you’ve got a cold can be improved by the way in which you cough. Your body’s natural cough reflex is designed to help you expel dangerous bacteria in chunks. Once you “work up” and expel most of it, your body has more healthy space to work with, and less overall infection present.

When you know how to cough, you can expel mucus in the most effective way possible. “Breath heaving” is an effective way to expel mucus and infection—it involves fully exhaling a breath with great force. You can also try patting yourself on the back and wait to cough up more mucus.

Finding Relief -There are many ways to get relief from the flu, including emotional support from friends and family. You can also take a hot shower to help with chills. Getting some fresh air once in a while, as well as using Vapo Pads and a humidifier can also keep you comfortable.

If you cannot seem to get any relief, you might want to visit a physician so a trained professional can monitor your health and provide you effective treatment.

Getting Help if Pain Subsists – If pain caused by the infection becomes too much for you to bear, you can always call your doctor or 911 for emergency transportation to the hospital. Ambulance transport is expensive, so you should drive yourself to the emergency room instead if possible.

It is important to have many different methods for beating the flu, especially if you have a bad back.

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