The Importance of Using Ergonomic Furniture

If you have back pain, you know how important a comfortable chair can be. In an office, back pain sufferers often find themselves playing musical chairs. You try out every seat in the office until you find the one that keeps your back from getting in the way of your work. But finding the right chair doesn’t have to be a matter of chance. If you understand the way that ergonomics work, you can find the right chair for your back every time.

What is ergonomic furniture?

“Ergonomics” is a big word that basically means design with the human body in mind. Ergonomic furniture is created to support rather than work against your body when you use it. Ergonomic chairs are designed to support your body to make long seated periods more comfortable. For people with back pain, the right ergonomic chair can mean the difference between day-long discomfort and a productive work day. The trick is to find the right ergonomic chair to support and relax your back. Here are the elements of a great ergonomic chair designed to relieve back pain.

Back Support

An ergonomic chair with proper back support curves to fit the natural curvature of your spine. These chairs recess slightly at the top of the back and bulge at the bottom to fit your shape. But everybody is different. To accommodate your shape, look for an ergonomic chair with an adjustable back. The ability to tilt the back forward or back and move it up and down will make sure that it fits your back perfectly.


Sitting in a static position puts a lot of pressure on your lower back. To get relief, you have to be able to move. Look for ergonomic chairs with swivel seats. As you sit in the chair, you can swivel slightly to the right or left as necessary. Slightly changing your position as you work helps relieve pressure on your back whenever it builds. Many tiny adjustments a day means more flexibility and less back pain.


Even in a small office, a little bit of movement is necessary. But the wheel base of your chair does more than just move you around. It supports your back as well. The more stable your wheel base is, the more your back can relax. Look for an ergonomic chair with at least five wheels. The more wheels, the more evenly your weight is distributed. This takes the pressure off your back and puts it in the chair where it belongs.

A great ergonomic chair for a bad back combines support, movement and stability. As you shop for an ergonomic chair, restrict your search to chairs with the above elements. The right chair will not only relieve your back pain but help to make your work environment more productive and enjoyable. Many back pain sufferers are amazed to find that they not only have relief but less dependence on the pain killers that they may have needed to put up with an uncomfortable chair.

Ergonomic furniture doesn’t just relate to an office environment.  You can find this type of supportive furniture for every area where you spend your time, whether it’s the living room, your outdoor patio, or even your kitchen.

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  1. Rose Swanson says:

    Adjustable office chairs are excellent since these are designed to give best support to the back and can be adjusted as per your body’s unique curve. First-rate ergonomic office chairs give outstanding support to lower back, lumbar and seat area and help increase productivity. Interesting article that covers all the benefits of ergonomic chairs.

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