Teaching Snoop Dogg Back Pain Relief Tricks!

Snoop Dogg with Art SanOf course, the VacuPractor back pain relief device is certainly no “trick”. It is science and effective design applied to a device which, when used properly has the power of reducing and/or eliminating back pain–even in world-famous rap music mogul and entertainment icon–Snoop Dogg!

This past August, Snoop Dogg hosted, led and played in the first annual Athletes vs. Cancer 1st Annual Flag Football Game. During the event, Mr. Dogg had the opportunity to explore some of the vendors booths and interact with various dignitaries, celebrity friends and athletes as well as taking a timeout to have some of his own lower back pain issues addressed.

Having met up with Art San, Master Sports Therapist, Snoop Dogg could not resist allowing Art to provide a little bit of his therapeutic magic to help alleviate some of the effects of the flag football game. ┬áNo stranger to pain, Art San, also known as the “Pain Eraser” convinced the rap star to relax on his therapy table and experience some immediate lower back pain relief.

Snoop Dogg Using the VacuPractorHere we can see Mr. Dogg lying on a black VacuPractor which Art uses in his treatment plans for his patients. And while the musician may not be properly attaining skin-to-device contact–as is the recommended method of using the VacuPractor–Art San Master Sports Therapist he clearly is receiving effective treatment for the pain he’s feeling in his lower lumbar region.

After dealing with excruciating pain for over 20 years, Art San discovered and now fully endorses the VacuPractor to help his patients eliminate lower back pain without the need for drugs or painful and expensive surgeries.

Athletes vs. Cancer, a wildly popular charity, held its first annual flag football contest. The worthy cause generated thousands of dollars for the fight against cancer. It also might have just created more than a few sore, painful lower backs in the process! Certainly a great time was had by all–especially by Snoop Dogg, who had the foresight to find back pain relief during a session with Art San and the VacuPractor!

About Vacupractor

VacuPractor is a Class I FDA Registered Orthopedic Device for the treatment of Lower Back Pain. VacuPractor is a revolutionary new treatment device for lower back pain that may help the 26 million people that seek treatment from a doctor and the 100 million that self-medicate and self-treat. The VacuPractor is sold with a money back guarantee to relieve lower back pain, and it is proudly made in the USA.

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