Five New Year’s Resolutions for Back Pain Sufferers

New Year's Resolution

Severe back pain affects many individuals in the US and the world over. Indeed, relief has evaded so many back pain sufferers that many are ready to give up. If this is you, take heart, as the comfort you’ve been seeking may be closer than you think. So this New Year why not set a new set of goals for better health? Here are five resolutions for back pain sufferers.

1 – Improve Your Diet

While unbeknownst to some, it is well-known within the medical community that good diet and nutrition can go a long way towards alleviating back pain. Eating foods that reduce inflammation helps you to feel better. Likewise, try to avoid foods that give you heartburn or indigestion problems, as they can sometimes contribute to lower back pain. Here are several food items to add to stay away from in 2016:

  • Highly processed foods
  • Foods with added sugars
  • White rice, white pasta, and white bread
  • Fried foods
  • Foods prepared with hydrogenated oils

Alternatively, here are several food items that you should strongly consider ingesting more of in 2016, as they each possess strong anti-inflammatory properties:

  • Beets
  • Cherries
  • Cranberries
  • Flax seeds
  • Grapes
  • Green tea
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Watermelon

2 – Begin an Exercise Regimen for Improved Back Health

While arthritis and inflamed discs are common sources of back pain, many times back soreness comes as a result of muscle strain. This is why stretching and strength exercises are essential, when it comes to promoting good lower back health. Furthermore, stretching aids in correcting muscular and joint imbalances which are another major cause of low back pain. So in the New Year, remember to engage in exercise regimens that strengthen and stretch your back muscles.

3 – Get a Better Mattress

Since the average adult sleeps between six to seven hours of each day the mattress that we sleep on matters. The mattresses that work best for back pain sufferers tend to be those that are firm and balanced. In contrast, avoid sleeping on mattresses that are either too stiff or soft. Instead, your aim should be to find the right balance – between comfort and good health.

4 – Control Your Weight

Obesity is another common cause of back pain. Excessive weight places strain on the joints leading to the back, as well as the back muscles themselves. This is especially true for those with excessive weight around the midsection. The added weight pulls the pelvis forward, thus leading to pelvic and lower back strain. But fortunately, you can significantly reduce pain in your back just by shedding a few pounds. So this coming year remember to eat well and control your weight.

5 – Go Natural

It pays to embrace natural health remedies such as yoga, massage, vitamins, a full night’s sleep, and chiropractic therapy for back pain management. Given the numerous causes of back pain, sometimes a single remedy is not enough to eliminate the soreness. However, the good news is that in situations where there are multiple pain triggers, alternative health is often an ideal option. So this New Year, remember to focus on an improved diet, consistent exercise, a better mattress, controlling your weight, and going natural. These are five ways to enjoy a pain-free back in the year ahead!


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