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Victory PoseHi thanks for coming the extra mile in your search for a solution to your back pain. By that I mean that if you’re reading this blog post you’ve most likely read 100’s of articles and gotten advice from friends, family, neighbors and so on and you’re still at it! Good for you! There is no end to the sea of information available on the topic because it effects so many of us. My turn for a chance to be the advice you’ve been looking for. If having back pain issues has any consolation it is that you’re NOT alone. I wanna fix it for a bunch of people and I think I can by sharing the good stuff. Normally an article breaks here with some great big-o astonishing numbers on just how many people co-suffer with us. I assume you’ve read them, know them and like me don’t care about them, so I won’t include them. Seeing how many back pain sufferers there are never helped me. In fact, the huge number of people that have low back pain only gets back pain sufferers less sympathy from others. “Your back hurts”? “So does mine”. And so on. That’s no good. What’s up with that!? If I get any other age related health issues I hope they’re at least unique enough that I get some people to feel sorry for me. But that’s me.

If you’re like me and I’m guessing you are in some respects, you not only want your back pain to go away and leave you alone, you also want to be happy, and healthy, and maybe rich and good looking and your hair to come back and return to its natural color or whatever. Good news if you share some of my wish list,from Dr. Scott Shermory, ,an Orthopedic Surgeon and research guy with Summa Health Systems in Akron, Ohio. Here in Ohio we Ohioans and refer to Ohio as “The Good Guy State”. Good Guy Dr. Shermory has recently concluded that pursuing happiness and back pain relief can and should be done at the same time. His big brain indicator reader, has been shown by indications, that depression and obesity can be contributing factors to back pain. Depression contributes to back pain and back pain contributes to depression. The same double-whammy happens with obesity. Obesity contributes to back pain and back pain contributes to obesity because it can be painful to get enough exercise. He also noted that smoking and alcohol abuse contribute to back pain and other health related thingus wrongus. I know what you’re thinkin’ you’re thinkin’ “Wait wait! Depression causes back pain and back pain obviously causes depression… and that’s why I drink.. and eat too much and I don’t exercise because my back hurts and I’m depressed about all of it. Which adds to my back pain so I don’t feel like exercising”?… They all seem to be related and fuel each other. Yup. The awesome news here is that they all share common reversal approaches too. For example losing weight and exercising make your back pain ease up on you which makes you healthier, which makes you happier. Then your newfound happiness helps to relieve your back pain which causes you to jump for joy which is exercise which causes you to lose a few more pounds and be healthier over all. “But how will that make my hair grow back in” you ask? It won’t. It’s probably gonna stay grey too.

The thing that I want you to take away from having read this is that you should try to simply pursue happiness. Pursuing happiness will help many times over to relieve your back pain. Think of pursuing happiness as a different battle field to win the same war. Think of it as new mind-set on your approach to breaking the cycle. Let me give you an impressive leg-up in your pursuit of happy back pain relief by sharing something I learned on a TED Talks a month or so ago called The Victory Pose. It’s fun and easy and it’s scientifically proven to elevate your mood by lowering your Cortisol levels and increasing your Testosterone levels in seconds. It impressed me. I want you to stand up on your toes or the balls of your feet with your arms stretched out over your head. Point your index fingers up and stick your chest out. Look up with your eyes and smile. Hold it for 15 seconds. Repeat as many times as you like. It’s very good for your mind body and spirit. It’s the stance of every athlete that just won a major contest. Use the Victory pose to help you break the cycle of pain and bad mood. It will give you strength and power. Pick up an exercise you like. Go slow. Do some Victory Poses throughout your day. Sing. Smile. Dance. Repeat

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