Massage Therapy Joining Chiropractor and Physical Therapist Teams

Massage Therapist Joining Chiropractor and Physical Therapist TeamsLike so many health care professionals, the VacuPractor back pain relief device is all about helping those suffering with persistent ongoing pain and discomfort. As medical research increases, the invaluable benefits of treatment options like chiropractic care have surged into the mainstream of our collective consciousness. Many wellness practitioners are discovering options outside of traditional surgeries and drug therapies. In addition to visiting a chiropractor and receiving physical therapy, patients are seeing massage therapists who have been brought into wellness clinics and practice settings to perform their finely tuned skills in the treatment of pain suffering patients.

In New Jersey, for instance, the Premier Health NJ rehabilitation center recommends the use of massage therapy for patients where its application can do maximum benefit.

Practitioners at the center increasingly find that the use of massage therapy benefits their patients improved health. The center’s founder, Dr. Phillip Kim encourages his health practitioners use of the popular massage techniques because of their extreme effectiveness and wide ranging conditions and injuries they provide relief for to their patients.

Additionally, Dr. Kim appreciates that massage therapy complements other treatments as well. In fact, there may be proof that adding massage techniques has a compounding effect when used in conjunction with chiropractic and/or physical therapies.

Regardless of the specific style of massage, many healthcare professionals actively tout its effects because of their positive impacts both on the physical contributors to the pain as well as the mental symptoms. The inherent relaxation resulting from most massage techniques–when applied by trained, competent massage therapists–provides the perfect environment for the the mind to slow down. This in turn increases the patient’s ability to absorb more benefits from other therapies.

Simply put, massage helps reduce the patient’s stress. Lowered stress levels fosters increased healing processes in many people suffering from a wide variety of aches and pains.

Of course, massage therapy wasn’t just invented. According to a recent Marketwatch article,

“Massage has been used effectively to promote healing and restore health for thousands of years. With all the modern technology that exists today, we sometimes forget that the most effective healing can be the most natural.”
Dr. Houssam Aljamal, DC

Dr. Aljamal graduated from the Parker College of Chiropractic in 2002 and is among the growing population of thought leaders in the health and wellness sectors who advocate wholeness in their patient’s care. These individuals, entire practices and as we have discussed, complete healing centers value non-traditional approaches to pain relief for their suffering patients.

The VacuPractor back pain relief device provides the perfect alternative solutions to helping health care professionals seeking non-drug/surgery solutions. We, here at VacuPractor support these incredible professionals and invite you all to discover how our products can help benefit your patient care, while at the same time increase your business’ bottom line. Learn more about the special opportunities for medical professionals here.

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