Exercises to Eliminate Lower Back Pain

Exercises To Relive Lower Back Pain ebookIt wasn’t long ago that I released my ebook, “Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain”. However, since so many of VacuPractor’s readers did not find us until after we released it, we thought it would be good to share it with you.

If you have ever experienced lower back pain, then you know how frustrating it can be to be fine one minute – only to experience excruciating lower back pain the next. Although it is certainly no consolation, lower back pain is actually quite common. So much so, in fact, that approximately 80% of people in the United States will suffer from lower back pain at least once in their lives and over 31 million Americans are experiencing lower-back pain or lumbago — at any given time.

Back pain is also the second most common reason Americans visit the doctor. All of this underscores the notion that back pain affects people from all walks of life, in nearly every aspect of their daily lives.

Identifying the Causes of Back Pain

Identifying the root cause of your lower back pain and finding an appropriate treatment can be a long process. As a result, many treatments only focus on symptoms and are unsuccessful. Nonetheless, as we’ve mentioned in an earlier article on back pain causes, sometimes you need only consider what you did – earlier in the week – to understand why your back is hurting. Often, it’s the result of putting excessive strain on your back muscles by lifting something heavy or taking a nasty fall.

Back Pain Treatments

Treatments for back pain range from non-invasive remedies such as taking a Tylenol or seeing a chiropractor, all the way to the more invasive back treatments, such as joint injections or back surgery. Often, doctors will prescribe a prescription strength pain reliever to back pain sufferers. However, medication alone is usually not enough to completely relieve your symptoms and sometimes comes with a long list of potentially harmful side effects.

There is also another popular treatment called “TENS” that is used to treat lower back pain by delivering small electric shocks through a portable device. This treatment is not without critics, however, as many medical professionals question have questioned the validity of electric nerve stimulation.

Exercise for Lower Back Pain

Exercises to eliminate lower back painFortunately, there are a number of simple remedies that have already been proven to provide significant lower back pain relief. The most effective tend to be back pain exercises. However, given the sheer number of lower back pain stretches, sometimes the biggest challenge is simply knowing which back relief exercises to use.

The good news is that as a reader of VacuPractor this is something that you don’t have to worry about. As it happens, our well-received e-book, ‘Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain’, provides just the right exercises to alleviate your back pain.

Just in case you have not had a chance to read it yet, our book delves into topics such as lumbago causes and symptoms, the muscular anatomy of the back, as well as nine specific exercises and treatments to help sufferers alleviate pain.
Each exercise is carefully explained step-by-step and is accompanied by photos to make it as easy as possible for you to follow along through every step. These exercises were designed in a way that allows you to do them virtually anywhere. So no matter where you are – home, office or outdoors – you can experience relief.

If you are one of the 31 million Americans, suffering from the debilitating effects of lower-back pain, relief is within your grasp. Putting your back pain to bed and effectively treating it can be as simple as downloading a complimentary copy of Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain.

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You can also read the online version of Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain right here on our website.

About Vacupractor

VacuPractor is a Class I FDA Registered Orthopedic Device for the treatment of Lower Back Pain. VacuPractor is a revolutionary new treatment device for lower back pain that may help the 26 million people that seek treatment from a doctor and the 100 million that self-medicate and self-treat. The VacuPractor is sold with a money back guarantee to relieve lower back pain, and it is proudly made in the USA.

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