Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

Although working out might be the last thing on your mind when you are suffering from lower back pain, exercise can actually provide lower back pain relief and help speed your recovery. Regular exercise also stretches and strengthens your back and stomach muscles, which can help prevent further back pain in the future.

Building strength in your core muscles helps improve your posture, keeps your body in alignment, and supports the spine, which reduces pressure on your spinal discs.  Though you may be tempted to lie in bed for a few days while suffering from lower back pain, doing so can actually make your pain worse.  Any inactivity for a prolonged period can lead to additional problems such as muscle weakness.

Exercises that provide lower back pain relief

Lower Back Pain Exercises

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Simply taking short walks is one of the best exercises for lower back pain relief. Try walking for 10 to 20 minutes every few hours. In between walks, rest in a comfortable position, but do not remain in one position for too long.

Experiment with exercises that help position your body in a more comfortable position. For example, if you are more comfortable sitting than standing, try gentle forward bends or exercises that bring your knees to your chest.

If you are more mobile, try aerobic exercise, strength training, and stretching, all of which may provide some lower back pain relief. Swimming or simply walking in waist-deep water can also help build strength in your back. Aerobic exercise, or anything that elevates your heart rate, helps your muscles use oxygen more efficiently, which keeps them healthier.  Aim for 2 ½ hours a week of moderate exercise, which can be broken up into periods of 10 minutes or more throughout the day.

Exercises that may aggravate lower back pain
If you have lower back pain, avoid any activity that may aggravate it, including sit ups, leg lifts, lifting heavy weights above the waist, or bending down to touch your toes.

Talk to your doctor or physical therapist if you are unsure how to perform any exercises. Only engage in exercises that do not increase your symptoms.

If you have any tips or secrets about how you deal with back pain please share them below in the comments. We would love t hear from you!

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