Facebook Games – Farmville, Castleville and Frontierville May Cause Back Problems

Caution: Farmville May Cause Back Pain!Tens of millions of people do it.
Every day.
For hours and hours each day.
All in the name of fun and social interaction.

Talking about sitting and playing games on popular social networking site, Facebook. Games like the smash hit Farmville, Castleville and Frontierville. All of which entice participants to play for hour after hour–usually while sitting down or in some other equally unhealthy position for the human spine.

Sitting For 6 Hours at WorkChances are good that if you’re reading this article, you are doing so sitting down. Office workers spend approximately 75% of their paid work time sitting on a chair in front of a computer or at a desk, remaining relatively sedentary for those six or so hours.

Then, these folks head home, many of them via an automobile where they commute sitting down. The national average for commute times, as reported by the Census Bureau in 2009 is 25 minutes each way. Many of you reading this laugh at this number–your commute times easily doubling, tripling and not uncommonly, quadrupling the national averages.

Once home, falling into the mindset of “taking it easy” is, well, easy to do. You worked hard all day, you deserve to kick back, relax, and enjoy your favorite television programs or getting into a game of Farmville on Facebook.

We’re not here to judge–just to report the facts and provide some possible solutions. At the very least, it is important to all of us here at VacuPractor that you know there are some options for helping deal with all that lower back pain that comes from sitting most of the day away.

Facts Regarding a General Decline in Health Due to Inactivity

  • Studies have shown that all things being equal, test subjects tended to gain more weight if they sat for just two hours per day–even when both sedentary and active participants consumed the same number of calories!
  • Long-term studies show positive proof that folks sitting too much reduce their life-spans by several years 🙁
  • Exercise after a long day of sitting at the office may not be as good for you as health professionals would like you to think. 6 hours of sitting in front of a computer with relatively little movement does not get counteracted by a 30 minute exercise session.
    1. Sit and shift the buttocks towards the front edge of the seat
    2. Push off the seat with your hands or fists
    3. Extend the spine and simultaneously unload the spine
    4. Relax the back muscles in this unloaded position and hold for 5 seconds
    5. Then gently release the weight from the arms back onto the buttocks for 3 seconds
    6. For extended lower back pain relief consider investing a very small amount of money in a VacuPractor

    “Excessive sitting is a lethal activity.” James Levine, a researcher at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. (As reported in the New York Times.)


    Save Money and Get Proven Back Pain Relief While Playing Video Games?

    We know cutting back on the game play might be a challenge. So, here are five six super easy things you can do to reduce lower back pain during video game play:


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One comment on “Facebook Games – Farmville, Castleville and Frontierville May Cause Back Problems
  1. Thanks for posting this article. It made me think about just how much time I actually hunched over in front of my keyboard with my spine looking exactly like the one in your picture.

    At least eight hours per day. I like to get up and walk around when I can, grab some water and take a break from sitting.

    As soon as I saw that picture I moved my key board and monitor to the front of my desk and sat upright in my chair. My back feels instantly better.

    Thanks for the great article and you have already fixed my back pains.

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