About VacuPractor

About VacuPractorTMThe VacuPractor

Americans spend over $50 billion dollars each year on lower back pain, a leading expenditure of health care dollars in the U.S.

It is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to absenteeism, affecting more than half of all working people. One quarter of U.S. adults reported having lower back pain, lasting at least one day in the past three months. Back pain is the second most common neurological ailment in the United States. Only headache are more common.

The cause of back pain is simple: a downward, inward force is being applied to the lumbar region each time that we stand. When we lift an object that is too heavy, jump off a  porch, or shovel too much snow, the extra downward forces and added shocks force the lower curvature of our spine inward. Over time disks become permanently more wedged-shaped in much the same way that a piano’s hammers develop a flat side from years of striking the strings. This leads to back pain becoming progressive. Muscles behind the spine grow shorter over time because the increased spinal curve shortens the distance they need to span. As we age, less force is required to send muscles into spasm because the column becomes more curved and thus weaker.

Treating the Causes of Lower Back Pain

Trademarked and patented, the VacuPractor utilizes vacuum pressure and leverage to increase clearances between vertebrae in the lumbar region and to stretch muscles which may be shortened or in spasm, relaxing the back without medication. The VacuPractor allows the user to apply the pressure where less pressure is required to relieve back pain.

Until now, no treatment or mechanism existed to directly address the causes of lower back pain. The VacuPractor™ uses stretching to lengthen and relax muscles that are shortened through atrophy or that are in spasm.

A New Revolution In Spinal Care Has Been Born

The VacuPractor utilizes an outward pull on the lower curvature of the back that is unique to all other methods. Using suction to pull out the spine curve rather than pulling lengthwise proved to be the most effective use of pressures. The VacuPractor™ is the only device that pulls straight out on the over-curvature in the lower spine (lordosis). These pressures working together stretch tired strained muscles allowing the back to relax without medication, relieving pressure on the disks and nerves. Throughout each session, the user remains in a comfortable, relaxed supine position.

One Satisfied Customer Says…

VacuPractor ™ has received many letters of praise. One user wrote, “… I have used the VacuPractor™ twice now. Both times it was right after I got home from work, and both times I have slept through the entire night (an unusual thing for me) and got up without the normal creaking, grinding and pain! I am going to continue to use it!”

Patients Are Reporting Amazing Pain Relief & Added Range In Motion

Patients have reported amazing pain relief and added range of motion after remarkably small number VacuPractor™ therapy sessions. The VacuPractor™ is an excellent defense against lost time due to spinal injuries in the workplace.

The VacuPractor™ is extremely safe but may not be appropriate for everyone. If you have advanced osteoporosis or symptoms of nerve damage, such as numbness, tingling or loss of strength in a limb, hand or foot. If you have a history of spinal surgery, check with your doctor before using the VacuPractor™. If you have back pain accompanied by fever, chills, sweats or unintentional weight loss, see a medical doctor to rule out the possibility of an infection or tumor.

VacuPractor is proudly made in the USAVacuPractor is American invented, American owned and proudly manufactured in the USA.